Amanat Al-Taif prepares to remove and transport 11,000 tons of waste on Eid

Amanat Al-Taif prepares to remove and transport 11,000 tons of waste on Eid


Amanat Taif implemented the clean-up plan for Eid al-Fitr, during which more than 11,000 tons of waste and scattered are expected to be transported from markets, parks, parks, neighborhoods and wild sites. And the responses transferred to the sanitary landfill.

The seasonal hygiene plan is characterized by its flexibility in the redistribution of containers, support the work of teams and compressors, and the presence of immediate alternatives when needed as required by the situation, and the deployment of observers in all neighborhoods and tourist sites to process notes and communications as soon as they are received through field teams, and is Daily reporting of the level of productivity and performance of the General Management of Hygiene.

The secretariat explained that the cleaning and sweeping teams raised during the past period more than 2.5 thousand tons of dust and rocks washed away by rain and floods to view streets and roads, especially in villages, which opened roads leading to them through the mechanisms of the secretariat, as specialized teams worked to prepare and clean the prayers of Eid In Taif and its environs and its villages, we scan, weeding, soil leveling, spraying and environmental sanitation.

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