Development Vision

Development Vision

Taif governorate derives its development vision from the vision of the Makkah development area (building human and the development of the place) where the development vision in Taif governorate is based on building the human and the development of the place as the most important point from which the development plans are launched, as it seeks to build a strong and honest human Who can participate in the development and advancement of the province, and the focus of the province in the center of human building on the preparation of the human being to be compatible with the construction of the place and prepare it development with education, training and rehabilitation to play its role in society as well in the development plan and development program, and developed a strategy Development in Taif governorate in the mind of the workers of balance and parallel to benefit the resident in the village and the resident of the center of all services and achieve comprehensive development to reduce the displacement to the city and rehabilitation of the areas of the parties to become attractive to the residents, as for the place included the development plan An integrated system of infrastructure and facilities and raising the efficiency of services in the way and in qualitative and treatment of slums and the protection of the public lands of the state in addition to developing a coordinated integrated map of the roles of centers in all aspects of development and construction.

Development Vision Goals:

  • Embodying the development strategy of the province and supporting its development efforts culturally, intellectually, awareness, communication and coordination.
  • Linking planning and implementation.
  • Unifying the efforts of all government agencies towards the integration and effectiveness of the completion of projects.
  • Involve civil society in problem analysis and proposal of initiatives.
  • Forming partnerships with the private sector to attract investment and find solutions of common interest to finance initiatives.
  • Media participation and urge them to interact with development initiatives.

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