Amanat Al-Taif supports cosmetic lighting work

Amanat Al-Taif supports cosmetic lighting work


Amanat Al Taif, represented by the Project Agency (General Directorate of Operation and Maintenance), carried out cosmetic lighting works at various locations at the entrances and exits of the province, as well as lighting works that included the major ring and the major intercontinental hotel and the major prince Mohammed, as part of its program to improve the appearance of streets and roads. .

Amanat Al-Taif explained that she is currently working on a number of projects aimed at improving the urban landscape and removing visual distortions, which include repainting, graffiti, aesthetic lighting for adults and streets, planting rose seedlings and flowers in the middle islands of the streets, and intensifying The work of lifting waste and abandons, improving the storefronts in cooperation with the owners.

It is worth mentioning that Amanat Taif has improved the entrance of Taif to those coming from Al-Hada Road, where it has implemented a new aesthetic project (Axis of Light) and the secretariat has a number of works and programs supporting efforts to improve the urban landscape will be implemented successively in the coming days.

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