Amanat Al-Taif

  • The history of Taif extends to more than two thousand years, and the first of its residents were workers and it was called Wa ja attributed to J. Ben Abdel hay, one of the sons of the workers, and then it was inhabited by Taqif and Amrha and surrounded by arrays protected by a wall, and therefore named after this name, and earned it its location and its cultural center in the islamic era a global reputation and made it a center Commercially between the Countries of The Romans, Persians, Abyssinia, Yemen, Sham and Taif is a city that resembles only itself to distinguish it by its history and its effects and its nature and moderation of its atmosphere throughout the year and its present saturated with all modern means and techniques.
  • One of taif’s most important archaeological treasures is that it contains a number of distinct Islamic monuments such as dams, inscriptions and others. The total number of dams is about seventy dams is considered a magnificent architectural painting, and has a lot of inscriptions, monuments and religious dates and they all form views consistent with the valleys and mountains designed in them as there is a large treasure and a tourist teacher in Taif, which is a silt quarry of the drilling of Kashb, which is a large hole 300 m deep Qatar is about 180, a natural phenomenon found by a large celestial body that hit the earth and led to a total loss of the meteor site as well as the explosion of volcanoes around the crater due to the pressure of the impact, many people do not know about it. It is visited by many tourists from inside and outside the Kingdom, especially foreigners interested in the natural scenery.
  • One of the distinct places in the Taif area is the great torrent or what was known as the century of houses, it still retains its historical and religious status because it is the time of pilgrims as there are the miqat wadi Muharram. One of the most important features of Taif is its location, which is characterized by mediation and its proximity to Mecca and taif is located between latitude sits 20-22 north and between the long lines of 40-42 and its area is estimated at 87,561 km 2 and this area represents 62.5% of the area of Mecca, and rises from the sea surface about 1700 – 2500 m and exceeds the number of its population exceeds 1.200 m Leon Isn.

Taif area:

In the old days not more than one square kilometer. Surrounded by a four-door fence. The area of Taif is currently 48,096 km 2 and represents 34% of the total area of Mecca.

Taif Governorate

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